Wasilla Handyman!

Acorn Maintenance Repair is your Wasilla Handyman!

Acorn Maintenance  Repair can build it or repair it. Whether you need a remodel, deck repair, siding, paint a room, bathroom upgrade, or odds and ends repaired in your home, we can get it done at a cheaper rate than most handyman companies. Also, our quality craftsmanship and attention to detail are above the rest. We are experts in all of your home handyman repairs. We are your Wasilla Handyman.

If you’re in need of an Wasilla, Eagle River, or Anchorage Handyman call us today to receive a free estimate. We are ready to help you improve your space.


Our Wasilla Handyman Services Include:

  • Drywall Repair

  • Install or adjust closet doors

  • Replace interior/exterior doors

  • Replace toilet

  • Painting

  • Trim

  • Replace sinks and faucet

  • Replace light fixtures

  • Deck repair

  • and much more

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Acorn Maintenance Repair-Bathroom Upgrade-Modern Bath Before #1

Our Anchorage handyman services include bathroom remodeling.


Home Repair-Bathroom Upgrade-Modern Bath #4 by Acorn Maintenance Repair

Thinking about a bathroom refresh? Contact Acorn M/R today.


Anchorage Handyman - Acorn Maintenance Repair

1) No one can do it all “Jack of all trades”

Never trust a handyman that says they are a Jack of all trades. For instance, if you need something fixed with plumbing, pipes, or clogs, you should call a plumber. If you need drywall repaired, a door hung, or a stairs built, you should call a carpenter, any repairs with electrical, lighting, or outlets, you should call an electrician.

When contractors build homes, they don’t have one person build the whole house. Different contractors specialized in specific areas in the build. The same applies to home repairs. Save yourself the risk.

2) Solid Ex-cord Connection

Tie you ex-cord in a knot at the connection,  this way you can drag your cord all around the job site with no worries it will come disconnected.

3) Cell phone shield

When painting a room, stick your cell phone in a zip-top bag. It’s a good way to keep it clean and dry while still being able to operate it. No more scraping paint off of your phone with your fingernail.

4) File that Sand Paper

Are you sick of digging through drawers of sandpaper searching for that specific grit, I’ve stumbled across this great handy sandpaper organizer using a plastic file box. While each hanging file contains a certain grit, the tabs make it easy to keep each sheet organized. This made taking sandpaper on the go a breeze.

5) Tape Taring Tip

Here is a simple way to tear your masking tape and have a starting edge every time. Simply fold the tape under at a 90-degree angle to the roll and press flat with thumb. Now, with a snapping motion, pull the tape against the edge of the roll and tear. The tape tears, leaving a triangle starting tab. This only works with no-plastic masking tape.

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