LVP Flooring

LVP “Luxury Vinyl Plank” flooring offers a stunning style and upgrade to your home. This type of flooring is designed to repel spills, splashes, and makes cleanup a breeze. With a variety of style and colors to choose from, choosing something to fit your homes should be no problem. 



Acorn Maintenance Repair Tile removal & Vinyl floor #1

Tile Flooring Removal

$5.75 per sq.ft.


Remove tile floor from subfloor in your home. This job usually requires a drum sander to scrape the old tile mortar away.  It’s a dusty job that we can handle. We will also dispose of all the old tile for you.

Acorn M/R flooring #1

LVP Flooring Install

$4.75per sq.ft.


We will cut and install the LVP flooring on a level and sound floor in your home. Laying LVP flooring on a cement floor does requires a primer to be applied to prevent moisture from penatrting the bottom side.