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kabooby Rose Hey Beautiful #17
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Hey Beautiful #03
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Hey Beautiful #5
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Kabooby Rose is offering a collection of 9010 Hey Beautiful NFT’s available on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each Hey Beautiful is completely unique in itself. Created using 100 different features, each one stand alone. Our Hey Beautiful NFT’s serves as you lifetime membership to The Rose Hut, granting you access to member’s only benefits and prizes.

Future real-world and metaverse utilities will become available throughout the growth of the community. Raffles and games will also be conducted for members to obtain a variety of gifts.

Hey Beautiful #11


Release date:  Kabooby Rose Solo

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Road Map

Throughout the growth of the Hey Beautiful community, we will be hosting a number of raffles. We will be giving back to our holders by rewarding them with Ehereum or MATIC. Once a certain number of NFT”s are sold, a raffle will then be announced to all holders on when and how it will take place. The winner of the raffle will receive the amount of Ethereum or Matic offered. Please reffer to the chart below to see the future raffles.

10% SOLD  Kabooby Rose Solo

We will be hosting our first NFT raffle on Discord. The winner will be awarded $10,000 in Ethereum.

Kabooby Rose will begin to produce and sell sparking rose to the masses.  A portion of the funds raised will go towards production, advertising, and prizes gifted back to our holders. 

kabooby Rose Hey Beautiful #23

20% SOLD  Kabooby Rose Solo

20% sold we will be hosting our second NFT raffle on Discord. The winner will be awarded $20,000 in Ethereum

Kabooby Rose will be hosting a number a raffle’s and connecting with influencers to build the brand. 

kabooby Rose Hey Beautiful #31

The Rose Hut

What is the Rose Hut?

Future Rose Hut within the metaverse where you can purchase your latest Kabooby Rose items. Beautiful shimmering roses that you can share with a friend or a loved one. Anyone you want to see smile in the real world or within the metaverse, it’s all up to you. Also, a place where you can chat with other Kabooby Rose holders and enthusiasts. Are you ready to smile?


How to join the community?

Join us on Discord where you can chat, discover, watch, and participate in future raffles. As well as, where your opinions matter most.



Hey Beautiful Slope Style RARE


Each Hey Beautiful is special and unique, but there are 10 that are more special than the rest.

Each theme of the Hey Beautiful collection represents a special moment in the growth of this project. Each attribute was created by Johnny Perry jr and Myna Lincoln, putting in hours making each image it’s own. No image was generated. 


What are NFT’s?

NFT’s are Non-Fungible Tokens, which mean your assest can’t be duplicated. In addition, you NFT is secure and authenticated with a unique signature created in the blockchain. That signature define the ownership of your assets


What inspired Hey Beautiful?

In 2018 Kabooby Rose was created with the idea of giving the world another reason to smile. Living in Alaska it’s hard to gain a far reach to expose your idea. Now that NFT’s exist, we are using it to propel Kabooby Rose into the future of the real world and the Metaverse