Deck Restorations

Summer is here and what is a better time to start your deck restorations started, bringing it back to tip-top shape. Alaska winters are harsh on wood especially if they are not protected, resulting in decay. Acorn M/R can have your deck looking new again for the summer and preserved for the upcoming winters. From painting to building you a new deck Acorn M/R can accommodate your needs.

Past Deck Restorations

As I was walking up to the client’s home, I had a feeling that replacing their deck with cedar would make their home stand out from the rest. The old deck was rotting to the point that the floorboards were letting loose from the joists and making it unsafe.

First I talked with the client to come up with a design that would work for their family. It was important to them to have a place where they could enjoy summer get-together’s with the grand-kids, a glass of tea while breathing in the morning air and somewhere to watch the sunset fall below the horizon as the stars start to shimmer in the night sky.

After the cedar was up, it was clear it was the perfect choice for this job.

Deck Re-stain

This job right here was a fun one. The nice lady that owned the deck welcomed me with fresh tea the morning I arrived to apply the stain. The deck was in great shape, so there was no need for repairs, just a beautiful coat of fresh satin to protect it from the upcoming winter. An afternoon in the sunshine with the birds chirping is a good time for me any day.