Bathroom Upgrades


Home Repair-Bathroom Upgrade-Modern Bath #4 by Acorn Maintenance Repair

Bathroom Upgrades can be a tricky process. On the other hand, Acorn M/R’s qualified specialists can create a beautiful space for you. Adding new fixtures, re-grout the shower tile or add a new vanity can really improve the feel of your bathroom.

Usually the sink and vanity are the first things you will see. However, it’s a good idea to think about what will work best for you and your family. Style, space and accessibility are good factors to thinks about when choosing the design of your bathroom upgrades.

Over the years grout breaks down and water can potentially seep behind the tile causing the adhesion to become weak. In addition, further damage to the wall behind will occur. An easy way to avoid this problem is to remove the old grout and apply new protecting your shower for many years to come.

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