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Home Repair-Capentry-Gourmet Backsplash #1 by Acorn Maintenance Repair

When I received the call that afternoon, However, I knew this was going to be an exciting job. I walk into the home to perform my estimate and see what the job entailed.

The owner informs me that he attempted to patch the wall and apply the backsplash himself and about halfway through the tile falls off the wall slamming on top of the sleek restaurant quality stove like pans violently smacking together. Luckily none of the tile shattered and it was all salvageable.

The incorrect step that was taken was applying Drywall Spackle then applying Tile Adhesive and Tile on top of that. The bond gave away, and disaster struck. I removed the affected drywall and patched in a new piece ready for adhesive.

Everything is going smoothly when I get to a point where my patterns aren’t lining up. Now I’m thinking ” how will I get this to match.” After racking my brain for about 7 minutes, I figure I’m going to have to make some custom cuts. Using my precision cutting tile saw blade the cuts come out smooth like a Barry White infused wine date.

After matching the tile together, you couldn’t even tell where the break was. I enjoyed doing this, and the look came out magnificent.

The owner was very pleased with the work performed and the value it brought to the kitchen area. Later he called back to have more work completed around the house, and Acorn M/R was glad to help.



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